Mike, Shirley, and Lauren (thesex87) wrote,
Mike, Shirley, and Lauren

Mike thinks I'm pathetic

well mike is making me update and he wants everyone to feel sorry for me by hearing my story

i was in my room and i went downstairs all excited for a milkshake and saw that my brother was sleep so i did not want to wake him and went back up stairs with just a bowl of icecream.

Mike also thinks it's sad that i will be just my brother for thankgiving and we don't sit in a circle say how thankful we are like the typical american famiy.

well here's my update

H-H-H Urley

There are 24 four days until the magical shirley's birthday
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- yes, it is true.. I am the master m/s maker @ Bruster's. But I swear if u order a monster m/s I will kill u b/c nobody deserves to go through making one of those.. And I hope u know that it will take forever for u to get the monster m/s b/c they r hard to make...
shirleyyy. i love you. hey tonight's gonna be fun and make-up for your thanksgiving (which could've been spent at the bacchus'!). i heart you... laureen ps i wrote you a really cool song in my other comment but it got deleted. i will sing it to you later.