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ok.... My cool day

1. Woke up @ like 8:00 listening to parents/Mimi talking abt crap b/c Mimi was going on her confirmation retreat thing for church(they do some pretty weird stuf(no molestation, but still, weird)) 2. Cleaned out my car for the big "special" day. 3. Took a shower got dressed 4. drove to the bank to deposit my checks (but 4got to pick up my checking card damnit!) 5. Went to work~Most memorable moment that day at work was a grl telling me abt how she is clinically depressed and had to take medication because she was so upset that her bf dumped her... he was stopping by at Brusters so she started getting upset 6. Got off of work but saw Shirley waiting for me! 7. we went to Harris Teeter so I could change into normal clothes. I looked in the stall next to me and saw this dude's feet with some sandals on... his 3rd and 4th toes were like one toe... they kinda split at the end tho.. I guess they were what peope would calle webbed fet?? but it was soo unexpected and weird! 8. Went to Davidson , Lauren wasn't there so we went to Megan R's house... I 4got that seh went to Roleigh though! her momma talked to us for like a 1/2 an hour... 9. Met Lauren... Went to food lion 10. We were @ food lion picking pumpkins... were going to only get one b/c it was 5 bucks! then there were like really small pumpkins that were called "pie pumpkins" that were supposed to be used for cooking b/c they were so small... So, we got one that was smaller than the 5 dollar one, but way too big to be a pie pumpkin... It was my master plan to go to the persona s we were buying them and ask if the smaller one was going to be less money.. this dude was so dumb and he fell for it all the way and started explaining that the smaller one is less b/c its a pie pumpkin.. haha... and then I bought a pre-paid phone card from that same guy and he said in this really weird voice: "this is a nice little phone card ya got here!"... I just like.. uhhh, yeeeaaaahhh... haha... and we left while we were constantly repeating the weird guy's phrase. 11. went to the green @ davidson library and carved the 2 pumpkins w/ the knives we got at the dollar store. We made one pumpkin a cat face and one a "traditional" pumpkin face w/ triangles as the eyes and nose... and the typical grin... 12. Took "abercrombie & fitch" typical 1/2 naked pics w/ the pumpkins... can't wait to see how those turn out. 13. they turned out really well so we put the cat one right on Main Street on the ledge to this staircase and of course put lit candles inside... We put the traditional one by the post office (but we decided not to sprinkle powdered sugar on it) hahahah... 14. Went to Joel's, had much fun... especially when we found out Lauren didn't have to work @ 6... she worked @ 7! 15. Lauren went to work, Shirley and I went to Summit for coffee. I called Suvi to see how she was doing and had a wonderful talk w/ the little grl named Taylor that she was babysitting... 16. Shirley and I walked to Ben & Jerry's, had lots of fun making friends w/ the grlt hat works there, she seemed really cool... hopefully she can get us alcohol ; ) .... 17. Shirley and I left, dropped her off... went to the Cella's... everything from there on is pretty boring... All in all I had an awesome day!
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that was nice that yall came by here! did my mom make you uncomfortable-or was it cool? (yeah right...cool?!ha!)
well it was still nice

i should go walking and see ur pumpkins!

(thanks for updating!!!!!!!!!!)
that was sweet that yall came by here! did my mom make u unncomfortable-or was it cool? (yeah right- cool?!ha!)
well it was still nice that you came

i should take a walk to see your pumkins

(thanks for updating!!!!!!!!!!)
She was ok.. she just talked 4 a while... haha
ahhh. this weekend was the start of a tradition. i LOVE YOU! davidson is beautified by our pumpkins.