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Tryin' to get by

The inside look of Shirley and Mike's and Lauren's Lives

Mike, Shirley, and Lauren
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This be the Journal of Shirley A. and Mikey B., and Lauren B. its all good folks cuz thats all u gonna C.

in the wise words of megan r "our parrents decided to have sex, and then we were born" and then we all somehow failed them, and now they don't like us. the end. but at least we've lost our parrent's respect and gained eachother's.

we like some stuff, we don't like some stuff. we try to like everyone, but some people fall through the cracks....

"oh my gosh!!!! i smell PO............pcorn!"

mike: "so then i just wiped her with my dirty stick"
megan: "well, mike's woody will be gone in the morning and i'll just deny the whole thing"
shirley: "you guys, i'm eating my bush"
shirley: "don't you hate those people who think they're all cool, riding on their bikes talking on their nextels"
lauren: "riding in boys with cars"
lauren: "if you're lucky... she'll let you touch her vagina"
mike: "so that's why they have to clean the male horse's penis!"
lauren: "so it's just a flap over the pee hole?"
shirley: "yeah, it's like you guys are my crack"

mike: "so i was talking to my mom"....
lauren: "about the silver rose!!!?!?!"
mike: "no"

shirley's inspirational views on "do-ing it":
"no means no in every language"

no more yankie my wankie.....the donga need food!........

16 candles, 311, 8th grade, alanis morresette (? spell), alicia keys, american beauty, andy warhol, any the "oc" music, art, b52's, beastie boys, beck, ben folds, ben harper, ben kweller, biggie, billy joel, bjork, black eyed pees, blondie, bob marley, camp tockwogh, cartman, ceremic turtle films...., circumcision, coalition for genital integrity, coldplay, counting crows, cruel intentions, damion rice, dashboard confesh, dave mathews, david grey, death cab for cutie, dispatch, dj dangermouse, driving in the rain, elton john, eve 6, everything, films, fleetwood mac, foo fighters, goo goo dolls, guster, heavy petting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, hooters, horse pee-pee's, howie day, ifc, incubus, jack johnson, james taylor, jay-z, jimi hendrix, joels, john mayer, kill bill, led zeppelin, life, live, love, ludacris, lust, madonna!, maroon 5, megan rindox, mike likies moe dither, mike's woody, modest mouse, monica, music, nora jones, o.a.r., oasis, one rod stewart song, outkast, p diddy, pat benatar, pearl jam, phantom planet, phish, pimpin, pink floyd, prince!, prudes (mike), pulp fiction, queen (eeeee!), quentin tarantino, radiohead, rain, reece arlin documentaries, resivior dogs, rhcp, seal, shirley's grandmom, shitty animation in general, sinatra, singing in the rain, smashing pumpkins, smoking in the rain, soundtrack of our lives, south park!, spin doctors, squeeze, sublime, supertramp, terrence and philip, the beatles (alllll), the corrs, the decemberists, the flaming lips, the point movie theater, the roots, the strokes, the verve bittersweet symphony!, tonic, tori amos, tracy chapman, troutman, tupac, u2, violent femmes, we love musicc, wild crazy orgies, yeah yeah yeahs, zwan