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Do You Believe in Magic?

-Yeah ~ I had a pretty cool day. Dropped some ice cream off at Jenna's (b/c she had her wisdom teeth removed) and then proceeded onward to Lauren's to visit with Shirley and Lauren.. We had a ton of fun. We began by driving to Bonsai ( the new asian food place in Davidson where Joel's used to be) and ate the food @ that semi-circle bench thing outside of Summit. After this, we promptly asked the soda shop for crackers and headed off towards that pond in davidson to feed the ducks (even though the signs said not to feed them)<-- Yeah, I know, we're rebels, what can I say. Then, we said that we wanted to explore so we went to Tom Clark's Gnome museum place. Then, we went to Merylle Jennings Art Gallery and looked at eveything there. There was a lot of really cool stuff. After that, we wanted to go to some store that we had never been to before. We came across this gaming store and decided to give it a try. We go in and begin to look around. There are lots and lots of different games--> not video games, but physical games such as card games and board games. We went futher into the store and found this sign that said "The Gaming Arena" so we thought we'd take a look. It was this entire room with tables and chairs set up just for kids to play games! It seemed that all the kids were really into was this game called Magic (a card game). It was somewhat fascinating. We decided we wanted to explore more of this world so we took the only next logical step: we bought a starter pack. It was pretty expensive, it came out to about 12 doll hairs (dollars). So, in the end, we got this little kid to teach us some of the basics of the game and we met some new friends. We really want to do this thing that they call "the lock in" where a bunch of kids just spend the night and play games, haha... -It is always so interesting and refreshing to find out something new in your neighborhood and see just how diverse people really are. It's also cool to know that you are one of the few that actually takes the time to find out about others. PS: (It was also really fun to make fun of the 19 year old kid that we met who was playing Magic in there)
Villainous Ogre was one of our faves WE MUST GO AGAINS>>> AND WE WILL... OH YES, WE WILL------------
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