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we don't need no education...

well i will continue the "exams suck" chain of entries...

EXAMS actually didn't suck today because i had printmaking and band. in print we did screen printed t-shirts which turned out awesome. in band we got pins.

BUT tomorow is spanish and math POO.

i told megan and monica about the movie i'm going to write (now writing), and i thought about more and its going to be awesome. i think i'll have one of our characters have sex with dave, probably megan will loose her virginity to him...

i miss shirley, i left her 2 messages and she hasn't called me back in like 2 weeks. bleh. hopefully she can come with me to VA and raleigh next week.

mike and jenna and i watched a weird indie movie this weekend called camp. it was weird. and all of the actors were ugly. two basic qualities of an indie film.

i made a good relax-from-exams-sound-track.

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