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alright, i will update my journal. so here's my past couple months with brevity:

prom was really fun.

80's movie night was really fun.

school is alright.

i love music so much right now, its like i have a whole new passion for it that i didn't have before, and i'm playing better than ever, and learning and hearing more than ever, and my lessons are going awesome, and i finally had a good solo performance at this competition i went to in Lincolnton. i just love it, love it, love it. i feel like a geek but, I LOVE PLAYING THE FLUTE, AND I DON'T GIVE A DAMN WHO KNOW'S IT!

Mike and i have the best AP US history oral history project ever! we interviewed Richard of Davidson, and he is the man. it was so awesome.

exams.... what exams?!

my mom was out of town, but she got home tonight and my grandmom is here now too.

i miss shirley a lot, and i love her. mike's been stressed out lately, i love him. megan and i have been having good times. monica and i have bitched together. i love them.

i'm pissed about not being able to get a promotion this summer because i need to save money for college, so i'm gonna aply at the penninsula club.

i've been eating way too much lately. but i've also been going to the gym (going, meaning like 1-2 times a week).

i want to see star wars!!!!!!!!!!

STRAWBERRY ARTS JAM IS GONNA BE AWESOME. i really am excited about it now cause i'm missing like all my classes and performing/tie dying!

So BAY-SICK-LEEEEE.... (like nails on a chalk board) I CAN'T WAIT UNTILLL SUMMER!!!!!!!!


p.s. mike, i want to request that you put the 2-picture series of me and the pretzels up on the internet so i atract stalkers, etc.
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