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Nobody that I tell this to seems to really care abt it so thats why I want to write it in here. I could probably condence what I'm abt to say into like 5 sentences but I want to describe everything. So, today while working @ Bruster's, I for once had fun. I showed up & there was this semi-annoying kid, Steve. And this girl who seems pretty cool, Carley. No manager! She had to go back home to change her clothes b/c the person who was supposed to come in to open up Bruster's didn't come in & she had to rush there in her "nighties", as they are called. Anyway, I knock on the door as usual for them to let me in. Carley freaks out and screamed and then looks over to the door and sees me and laughs. I walk in and she tells me abt how she had been hearing noises from behind her so my knocking kinda freaked her out. Then Steve comes up and explains more by saying that he had just been telling her of how the place is haunted. I never knew anythign abt it so I asked him abt it. He said Denice, our manager, told him these stories of how she thinks its haunted. So, that got all of us talking abt ghosts and whatnot, we just had fun talking, doing nothing for once b/c the manager wasn't there. Then we actually had to serve people and we were sucking @ it b/c nothing was done, there were like 5 waffle cones left and a lot of the ice cream was not restocked yet... haha, and there was not milk which means no milkshakes. A lady tipped me 2 dollars which was cool until we started talking abt how old ladies like me and Carley was like "yeah you seem like someone that old ladies would like" didn't really know how to respond to that one. And Carley kept saying I am just liek this kid named Collin Ratcliff that she knows. So after an hr or two Denice finally comes with some milk and she starts telling us of the "ghost stories". She said one night she was in the back and she heard something fall down in the front room of Bruster's she walked up there and saw the single scoop dishes were all thrown on the floor. She started freaking out & left. Then she told us of how she heard knocking from the inside of the freezer. And she said sometimes she'll put down something like a cup or whatever and then later in the day it will be somewhere else on the table. Since we have cameras in there, she looks over the footage and she see's the cup actually disappear and then reaper in that split second in another place. If your ever at the Bruster's in Mooresville, look on top of the building, you'll see a little statue of an angel cemented onto the top. Denice did that b/c of the weird stuff that goes on there. She said that this one woman who worked there heard noises when she was in there that sounded like a plane coming through the roof, the woman's husband won't let her even come into the building anymore. So Denice eventually had found out of an incident that had occured when the morrison's owned the land there. Apparently, the civil war was fought on this land or something, and she also knows that there was a little girl that killed herself on the land by Bruster's. I guess she said that the owner of Bruster's sister is really into ghosts and the spiritual world and she came there to see what was going on and she said Denice has nothing to worry abt, she said its just a little girl. So Denice said its just a little girl who wants ice cream... I dunno, I think the whole thing is kinda scary. I guess some kids that have worked there like Greg and Kevin have said that there is "something" there... I was kinda freaked out by the whole thing. and then a really wierd thing happened to me, I don't know if anyone has seen the previews for the movie called "the white noise" but its abt how the dead can communicate w/ the living through electronic noises and shit. So anyways, it kinda happened to me. I had the headset to the drivethrough on and I was spading the ice cream (Lauren, I know atleast you know what that is) and I swear to god I heard my name spoken in my ear through the headset. I just heard "Mike" that is what really freaked me out... Check out the movie trailer to that mivie right here: http://www.apple.com/trailers/universal/white_noise/
Didn't think this entry would be this long, would have written more abt something else... Its okay

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