Mike, Shirley, and Lauren (thesex87) wrote,
Mike, Shirley, and Lauren

Hey there

hmmm... fun night. Went to Jill's to be w/ her & Suvi, we watched that show motor mouth.. I like the guy that reminded me of the dude from Napolean Dynamite. There were many favorite quotes but his best was "I wish I could flow... I wish I could flow like and African-American" haha.. he would make up words to the songs.. if anyone has seen that episode they gotta leave a comment... Lauren & Shirley are planning something for my b-day... I just don't know what it is yet. I know they have a plan A & a plan B... She keep saying it might not happen though.. I think its awesome that people are actually taking time out of their lives to plan something cool for me, they are some pretty cool friends, some pretty cool family.. REAL FRIENDS, not disposable. After Jill's we went to Birkdale, some Tom Regnary, Ben Markey, & a Jordan Rocchio(I think its spelled right).. Emily Nutt also came, along w/ Megan Murphy, Alex Cusado, and of course Robert Adams... we ate @ Brixx, we walked around until we finally decided to see the movie called "saving Christmas"... it was ok. One of the favorite moments of the night was when Jill yells @ this car and says "yeah, ur right, pedestrians DON'T have the right of way!"... Suvi & I just looked @ eachother like "did she really do that?" b/c we both saw that the car's windows were wide open, Jill failed to notice this.... I have not updated this bitch in a while, good thing I am now though. Tommorow I am going to be @ the yrdsale thing styarting @... 7:15!!!!... way too early for me....

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