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Do You Believe in Magic?   
12:19am 11/06/2005
mood: nerdy
-Yeah ~ I had a pretty cool day. Dropped some ice cream off at Jenna's (b/c she had her wisdom teeth removed) and then proceeded onward to Lauren's to visit with Shirley and Lauren.. We had a ton of fun. We began by driving to Bonsai ( the new asian food place in Davidson where Joel's used to be) and ate the food @ that semi-circle bench thing outside of Summit. After this, we promptly asked the soda shop for crackers and headed off towards that pond in davidson to feed the ducks (even though the signs said not to feed them)<-- Yeah, I know, we're rebels, what can I say. Then, we said that we wanted to explore so we went to Tom Clark's Gnome museum place. Then, we went to Merylle Jennings Art Gallery and looked at eveything there. There was a lot of really cool stuff. After that, we wanted to go to some store that we had never been to before. We came across this gaming store and decided to give it a try. We go in and begin to look around. There are lots and lots of different games--> not video games, but physical games such as card games and board games. We went futher into the store and found this sign that said "The Gaming Arena" so we thought we'd take a look. It was this entire room with tables and chairs set up just for kids to play games! It seemed that all the kids were really into was this game called Magic (a card game). It was somewhat fascinating. We decided we wanted to explore more of this world so we took the only next logical step: we bought a starter pack. It was pretty expensive, it came out to about 12 doll hairs (dollars). So, in the end, we got this little kid to teach us some of the basics of the game and we met some new friends. We really want to do this thing that they call "the lock in" where a bunch of kids just spend the night and play games, haha... -It is always so interesting and refreshing to find out something new in your neighborhood and see just how diverse people really are. It's also cool to know that you are one of the few that actually takes the time to find out about others. PS: (It was also really fun to make fun of the 19 year old kid that we met who was playing Magic in there)
Villainous Ogre was one of our faves WE MUST GO AGAINS>>> AND WE WILL... OH YES, WE WILL------------
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we don't need no education...   
08:59pm 31/05/2005
mood: scarily calm
well i will continue the "exams suck" chain of entries...

EXAMS actually didn't suck today because i had printmaking and band. in print we did screen printed t-shirts which turned out awesome. in band we got pins.

BUT tomorow is spanish and math POO.

i told megan and monica about the movie i'm going to write (now writing), and i thought about more and its going to be awesome. i think i'll have one of our characters have sex with dave, probably megan will loose her virginity to him...

i miss shirley, i left her 2 messages and she hasn't called me back in like 2 weeks. bleh. hopefully she can come with me to VA and raleigh next week.

mike and jenna and i watched a weird indie movie this weekend called camp. it was weird. and all of the actors were ugly. two basic qualities of an indie film.

i made a good relax-from-exams-sound-track.

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11:00pm 19/05/2005
mood: tired
alright, i will update my journal. so here's my past couple months with brevity:

prom was really fun.

80's movie night was really fun.

school is alright.

i love music so much right now, its like i have a whole new passion for it that i didn't have before, and i'm playing better than ever, and learning and hearing more than ever, and my lessons are going awesome, and i finally had a good solo performance at this competition i went to in Lincolnton. i just love it, love it, love it. i feel like a geek but, I LOVE PLAYING THE FLUTE, AND I DON'T GIVE A DAMN WHO KNOW'S IT!

Mike and i have the best AP US history oral history project ever! we interviewed Richard of Davidson, and he is the man. it was so awesome.

exams.... what exams?!

my mom was out of town, but she got home tonight and my grandmom is here now too.

i miss shirley a lot, and i love her. mike's been stressed out lately, i love him. megan and i have been having good times. monica and i have bitched together. i love them.

i'm pissed about not being able to get a promotion this summer because i need to save money for college, so i'm gonna aply at the penninsula club.

i've been eating way too much lately. but i've also been going to the gym (going, meaning like 1-2 times a week).

i want to see star wars!!!!!!!!!!

STRAWBERRY ARTS JAM IS GONNA BE AWESOME. i really am excited about it now cause i'm missing like all my classes and performing/tie dying!

So BAY-SICK-LEEEEE.... (like nails on a chalk board) I CAN'T WAIT UNTILLL SUMMER!!!!!!!!


p.s. mike, i want to request that you put the 2-picture series of me and the pretzels up on the internet so i atract stalkers, etc.
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singing the erection blues   
10:38am 02/05/2005
mood: erectless
my penile erection disfunction is killing me....so i wrote this song:

my name is mike, and i've got the penile erectal disfuntional blues,
i can't get it up, i don't know what to doo-s
all of the kings horses and all the kings men couldn't get my penis erect again....

pray for me,
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Yeh, shitty shitty   
10:58pm 01/05/2005
mood: horny
So, last night I had a bad sexual experience. Yeah, I know, it's been a long time since I've had sex, and that's why I'm so pissed that I had to have such a shitty intercourse after all this time. So, I went out with Mike and Megan R. to Jessica's and we got a little f+++++ up and I passes out. When I awoke, I found some kid all over me. I found out later his name was brad, but anyways, we just started going at it (Hey, I was horny!) and he ends up finnishing in like 2 minutes flat while I'm left there sexually frustrated on the couch.

Well, just thought I'd share, if anyone could offer me better love, do it. It won't be that hard to get with me as I think you might have gathered from this little excerpt of my life.

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10:17pm 03/04/2005
mood: crappy
so my gass is getting worse....

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11:23pm 30/03/2005
mood: gassy
i've been pretty gassy lately.

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11:07pm 20/12/2004
A wierd thing happened on my way home from Lauren's... It was extremely dark out. after a fun night of making a magical christmas world in her living room. .. I was driving back home and I was on Brawley, so I was almost home... I was all relaxed and stuff-when all of the sudden, some fucking crazy ass guy comes out into the middle of the road and tries to stop my car, he's either hitch-hiking or holding something up in his hand. I swerved to dodge him and sped up after I passed him b.c I was so fucking scared. I thought what he was holding up was maybe a knife, I dunno... but it was scary as shit. I don't see how he could have been a hitch hiker b/c if u continue down Brawley, there's really nowhere to go to, it's a big peninsula... He could have walked the rest of the way if he wanted to hitch hike that way.. But it really scared the shit out of me, I don't want to think abt what would have happened if I hit him. I don't have my after nine yet and it was 12:30 @ night, (or really in the morning). All I know is that I am now traumatized from driving down roads @ night..
... why do wierd things always happen to me
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12:26pm 11/12/2004

so thursday was paul's b-day. and last night were the b-ball games (hells yeah PEP BAND!) followed by paul-birthday-festivities. good times. i'm updating for the soul purpose to avoid studying for exams. (since this morning)

this morning- me: "i'll study for exams after i clean crazy-richard's house."

when i get home- me: "i'll study for exams after i shower"

when i got out of the shower- me: "i'll study exams after i put on pajamma's"

after that- me: "i'll study for exams after i do a load of laundry, clean my room, organize our kitchen cabinets...."

the list goes on and on

i go to work at 2. i tried to call chance because i'm working in cornelius and i want to trade food for icecream.

exams are gonna kick my ass....

):    -lauren

shirley's birthday in one week =7 days =168 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and... december 23 is festivus!

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i like this music.   
07:52pm 28/11/2004
mood: stinky

When your brother and sister come to your workplace and give you groovy records you know that your life has been fufilled...

on saturday mike and shirley came to ben and jerrys and gave me 2 records. one of them i've gotten really into. it's a gay-disco-record inspired by star wars. and not just gay like "stupid" gay, but literally gay.

last night was fun. good night with caitlin and megan. we wore boy clothes and ate crap.

i've been making christmas gifts today, they're awesome i want to keep them.

ahhh. my dog keeps farting and i can't breathe.

alright time to move so i don't die.   lovee, lauren

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Mike thinks I'm pathetic   
11:02pm 24/11/2004
  well mike is making me update and he wants everyone to feel sorry for me by hearing my story

i was in my room and i went downstairs all excited for a milkshake and saw that my brother was sleep so i did not want to wake him and went back up stairs with just a bowl of icecream.

Mike also thinks it's sad that i will be just my brother for thankgiving and we don't sit in a circle say how thankful we are like the typical american famiy.

well here's my update

H-H-H Urley

There are 24 four days until the magical shirley's birthday
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11:35pm 18/11/2004
  I am sorry to take away from the previous entry and all of its greatness but I just have to share a moment that Lauren & I had while in Davidson library. I want to write this down b4 I forget abt it again. I will skip over the bitchy librarian part and fast foreward to when we were on Lauren's laptop and we look over at this grl who looked abt 13 yrs old sitting at a computer... She had obviously just come from school (just like we had) w/ her friend that was sitting next to her.Haha, so we look over and she casually takes a baby bottle from her bookbag and suckles on it like its a normal, cool, thing for grls her age to do! She then places it back down on the table. We could not stop cracking up... and then today we brought it up again while @ summit, that got us thinking abt nipples/utters... We didn't know if a breast was an utter or not... or if an utter on a cow is just simply an enlarged nipple...haha. really weird when u think abt it.

On another note: Waffle house is an awesome place to go to eat. especially durring the hrs of 1 AM- 3 AM... so many interesting people, and always crouded!
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no poopie   
07:49pm 18/11/2004
mood: poopie


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01:32am 14/11/2004
  Nobody that I tell this to seems to really care abt it so thats why I want to write it in here. I could probably condence what I'm abt to say into like 5 sentences but I want to describe everything. So, today while working @ Bruster's, I for once had fun. I showed up & there was this semi-annoying kid, Steve. And this girl who seems pretty cool, Carley. No manager! She had to go back home to change her clothes b/c the person who was supposed to come in to open up Bruster's didn't come in & she had to rush there in her "nighties", as they are called. Anyway, I knock on the door as usual for them to let me in. Carley freaks out and screamed and then looks over to the door and sees me and laughs. I walk in and she tells me abt how she had been hearing noises from behind her so my knocking kinda freaked her out. Then Steve comes up and explains more by saying that he had just been telling her of how the place is haunted. I never knew anythign abt it so I asked him abt it. He said Denice, our manager, told him these stories of how she thinks its haunted. So, that got all of us talking abt ghosts and whatnot, we just had fun talking, doing nothing for once b/c the manager wasn't there. Then we actually had to serve people and we were sucking @ it b/c nothing was done, there were like 5 waffle cones left and a lot of the ice cream was not restocked yet... haha, and there was not milk which means no milkshakes. A lady tipped me 2 dollars which was cool until we started talking abt how old ladies like me and Carley was like "yeah you seem like someone that old ladies would like" didn't really know how to respond to that one. And Carley kept saying I am just liek this kid named Collin Ratcliff that she knows. So after an hr or two Denice finally comes with some milk and she starts telling us of the "ghost stories". She said one night she was in the back and she heard something fall down in the front room of Bruster's she walked up there and saw the single scoop dishes were all thrown on the floor. She started freaking out & left. Then she told us of how she heard knocking from the inside of the freezer. And she said sometimes she'll put down something like a cup or whatever and then later in the day it will be somewhere else on the table. Since we have cameras in there, she looks over the footage and she see's the cup actually disappear and then reaper in that split second in another place. If your ever at the Bruster's in Mooresville, look on top of the building, you'll see a little statue of an angel cemented onto the top. Denice did that b/c of the weird stuff that goes on there. She said that this one woman who worked there heard noises when she was in there that sounded like a plane coming through the roof, the woman's husband won't let her even come into the building anymore. So Denice eventually had found out of an incident that had occured when the morrison's owned the land there. Apparently, the civil war was fought on this land or something, and she also knows that there was a little girl that killed herself on the land by Bruster's. I guess she said that the owner of Bruster's sister is really into ghosts and the spiritual world and she came there to see what was going on and she said Denice has nothing to worry abt, she said its just a little girl. So Denice said its just a little girl who wants ice cream... I dunno, I think the whole thing is kinda scary. I guess some kids that have worked there like Greg and Kevin have said that there is "something" there... I was kinda freaked out by the whole thing. and then a really wierd thing happened to me, I don't know if anyone has seen the previews for the movie called "the white noise" but its abt how the dead can communicate w/ the living through electronic noises and shit. So anyways, it kinda happened to me. I had the headset to the drivethrough on and I was spading the ice cream (Lauren, I know atleast you know what that is) and I swear to god I heard my name spoken in my ear through the headset. I just heard "Mike" that is what really freaked me out... Check out the movie trailer to that mivie right here: http://www.apple.com/trailers/universal/white_noise/
Didn't think this entry would be this long, would have written more abt something else... Its okay

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Hey there   
11:51pm 05/11/2004
  hmmm... fun night. Went to Jill's to be w/ her & Suvi, we watched that show motor mouth.. I like the guy that reminded me of the dude from Napolean Dynamite. There were many favorite quotes but his best was "I wish I could flow... I wish I could flow like and African-American" haha.. he would make up words to the songs.. if anyone has seen that episode they gotta leave a comment... Lauren & Shirley are planning something for my b-day... I just don't know what it is yet. I know they have a plan A & a plan B... She keep saying it might not happen though.. I think its awesome that people are actually taking time out of their lives to plan something cool for me, they are some pretty cool friends, some pretty cool family.. REAL FRIENDS, not disposable. After Jill's we went to Birkdale, some Tom Regnary, Ben Markey, & a Jordan Rocchio(I think its spelled right).. Emily Nutt also came, along w/ Megan Murphy, Alex Cusado, and of course Robert Adams... we ate @ Brixx, we walked around until we finally decided to see the movie called "saving Christmas"... it was ok. One of the favorite moments of the night was when Jill yells @ this car and says "yeah, ur right, pedestrians DON'T have the right of way!"... Suvi & I just looked @ eachother like "did she really do that?" b/c we both saw that the car's windows were wide open, Jill failed to notice this.... I have not updated this bitch in a while, good thing I am now though. Tommorow I am going to be @ the yrdsale thing styarting @... 7:15!!!!... way too early for me....

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09:26pm 20/10/2004
mood: muy hermosa

school is good. mom is good. friends are good. if i had a love life it would be good. en genaralmente, cosas estan muy bueno. !me gusta todas! shirley call me, we haven't talked in long time (whats that like 2 days?) but yeah, or i'll call you. gotta have my crack!

we have a concert tomorow night. everyone should come. it's at 7:30.

i got my license, this is good. now i can llegaly drive a car before 9 without an adult. we don't have school next wednesday, therefore i think someone should have a fiesta-fiesta.

in other news... i got my hair permed today.

love lauren.

ps: if anyone reading this has any friends who think i'm sexy and want to date me now that i have a new and improved look, give em my number.

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ok.... My cool day   
01:16am 10/10/2004
mood: tired
1. Woke up @ like 8:00 listening to parents/Mimi talking abt crap b/c Mimi was going on her confirmation retreat thing for church(they do some pretty weird stuf(no molestation, but still, weird)) 2. Cleaned out my car for the big "special" day. 3. Took a shower got dressed 4. drove to the bank to deposit my checks (but 4got to pick up my checking card damnit!) 5. Went to work~Most memorable moment that day at work was a grl telling me abt how she is clinically depressed and had to take medication because she was so upset that her bf dumped her... he was stopping by at Brusters so she started getting upset 6. Got off of work but saw Shirley waiting for me! 7. we went to Harris Teeter so I could change into normal clothes. I looked in the stall next to me and saw this dude's feet with some sandals on... his 3rd and 4th toes were like one toe... they kinda split at the end tho.. I guess they were what peope would calle webbed fet?? but it was soo unexpected and weird! 8. Went to Davidson , Lauren wasn't there so we went to Megan R's house... I 4got that seh went to Roleigh though! her momma talked to us for like a 1/2 an hour... 9. Met Lauren... Went to food lion 10. We were @ food lion picking pumpkins... were going to only get one b/c it was 5 bucks! then there were like really small pumpkins that were called "pie pumpkins" that were supposed to be used for cooking b/c they were so small... So, we got one that was smaller than the 5 dollar one, but way too big to be a pie pumpkin... It was my master plan to go to the persona s we were buying them and ask if the smaller one was going to be less money.. this dude was so dumb and he fell for it all the way and started explaining that the smaller one is less b/c its a pie pumpkin.. haha... and then I bought a pre-paid phone card from that same guy and he said in this really weird voice: "this is a nice little phone card ya got here!"... I just like.. uhhh, yeeeaaaahhh... haha... and we left while we were constantly repeating the weird guy's phrase. 11. went to the green @ davidson library and carved the 2 pumpkins w/ the knives we got at the dollar store. We made one pumpkin a cat face and one a "traditional" pumpkin face w/ triangles as the eyes and nose... and the typical grin... 12. Took "abercrombie & fitch" typical 1/2 naked pics w/ the pumpkins... can't wait to see how those turn out. 13. they turned out really well so we put the cat one right on Main Street on the ledge to this staircase and of course put lit candles inside... We put the traditional one by the post office (but we decided not to sprinkle powdered sugar on it) hahahah... 14. Went to Joel's, had much fun... especially when we found out Lauren didn't have to work @ 6... she worked @ 7! 15. Lauren went to work, Shirley and I went to Summit for coffee. I called Suvi to see how she was doing and had a wonderful talk w/ the little grl named Taylor that she was babysitting... 16. Shirley and I walked to Ben & Jerry's, had lots of fun making friends w/ the grlt hat works there, she seemed really cool... hopefully she can get us alcohol ; ) .... 17. Shirley and I left, dropped her off... went to the Cella's... everything from there on is pretty boring... All in all I had an awesome day!
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03:05pm 07/10/2004

damn. this week was pretty good. which is a lot to say, because recently lets just say i haven't been having the greatest luck. but yeah, this week was alright. things:

1. this weekend me and my 2 crack addicts are carving pumpkins on the green, and then donating them to the people of davidson

2. i have a ap us test tomorow mother fuck

3. i want to go to raleigh, but shirley and i will both go next time and it will be awesome

4. i love my friends

5. i had a really good talk with suvi after school today about her and mike dating and stuff. mike you need to remind me to tell you about it.

6. this list is getting too long and i've run out of colors of the rainbow. between my "pace" flag in my room, and my gays for kerry stickers, and all of my rainbow colors. it's no wonder people think i'm a lesbian.


peace - L   (for lesbian)

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woop the fucking do   
10:28pm 28/09/2004
  So what you delete the entry and you put up some websites in its place.
that doesn't change what you did.
it doesn't change how i feel about it.
I doesn't make me think you understand cuse you'll never understand.

Eveyone's going to think i'm a bitch because i won't accpet your apoligy but it's not that easy and if people hate me then i'll play that role but i'm not ready to hug.

Woop the fucking do.
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07:45pm 28/09/2004
  i was looking through that website and i found this, and it is such a reality check. there are a ton of groups right in charlotte. things are fucked up.  http://www.tolerance.org/maps/hate/index.html   
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